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What are the by-products that can be processed by a complete set of corn processing equipment?

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  Corn contains starch, fiber, protein and fat (germ oil), which is a good raw material for processing by-products. For example, corn is dry ground in a flour processing plant. After sieving the flour, the remaining part on the sieve is generally called corn. Bran can be used as feed for dairy cows. Today, we will talk about the by-products that can be processed by corn processing equipment?


  1. Corn compound protein feed (non-fermented product), also known as corn bran:

  It is prepared from corn husks (40-60 percent), corn gluten meal (15-25 percent) and corn steeping liquid (dry) (25-40 percent). The stated protein content is 10% to 20%, and the digestibility is 85%. It is a product between energy feed and protein feed.

  2. Corn gluten feed

  This is to mix the by-products of corn starch - corn gluten meal, corn yellow syrup, corn fiber, crushed corn, etc., through high temperature pressing, defatting, and then inoculating multiple strains of acid-fast bacteria for liquid/solid fermentation. Compound protein feed produced after low temperature hydrolysis, puffing and drying.

  3. Corn spray protein

  Also called corn bran. It is a by-product of producing starch and germ after humidifying corn, and the main component is corn husk. Then, the corn yellow slurry with high protein and energy content is sprayed on, so that the energy, protein and amino acids contained in it are greatly improved, and it becomes corn spray protein after drying.

  Its characteristics: ①The color is yellow; ②The palatability is good, and animals like to eat; ③The energy content is 1.7 ~ 2.5Mcal/kg ④The digestibility is more than 90%.

  Three common processes for processing by-products of corn processing equipment:

  1. Corn embryo extraction and milling process: corn embryo extraction and milling, that is, the processing technology of simultaneously producing corn flour and corn embryo in corn processing.

  2. Corn co-production refers to the corn processing technology that simultaneously extracts corn grits, corn germ and various corn flours during the processing of corn deep processing equipment.

  3. The process of producing corn flour by the all-dry method is to smash the whole corn without degermination after cleaning and moistening the corn for a period of time, and then grind and sieve it one by one. Various types of corn flour or grits of varying thickness and precision.

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