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What are the benefits of installing a color sorter for millet processing?

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  What are the benefits of installing a color sorter for millet processing?

  The color sorter is the crystallization of human wisdom. At the beginning, it was mainly used to solve the problem of rice. It can screen out the black spots and small stones in the rice, thereby improving the quality of the rice. With the advancement of technology, the application of the color sorter is more and more. It is becoming more and more common. It can not only solve the screening problem of agricultural products, but also involve industries such as industry and gemstones. The color selection has a wide range. So how much does it cost to install a color sorter in millet processing equipment?

grain color sorter

  Different from manual screening, the operation of the color sorter speeds up the operation and increases the efficiency, so that the impurities of agricultural products have nowhere to escape, replacing labor, reducing labor, liberating productivity, and formulating different types of color sorters according to different output requirements, which are basically on the market. Any color difference between the above materials can be solved by using the color sorter. Of course, the size of the product is also required.

  Small color sorters are not meant to be small machines, and there is no clear definition of them on the market. The color sorter industry generally refers to machines with three channels and below as small color sorters, including small fresh beige color sorters. , single-channel color sorter, dual-channel color sorter, three-channel color sorter, etc., mainly for the production and use of agricultural self-employed and small processing enterprises.

millet processing project

  In recent years, the market price of small color sorters is between 50.000 and 100.000. and there are also 30.000-40.000. but the quality may not be explained. After all, one price is one share, and its price is affected by machine output and machine quality. The most affordable ones have smaller output and average performance. The output of the color sorter can be determined according to the size and output of the company.

  Generally speaking, the larger the output, the more expensive the price. While pursuing output, don’t ignore the net selection rate. You can also choose according to your budget. Look at the amount of money, which determines the level of configuration to a certain extent. However, if you buy a machine that suits you within a limited budget, the price/performance ratio can be high. .

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