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Introduction to the steps and effects of milling long grain rice with 50 tons of rice processing equ

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  This 50-ton rice processing equipment has the functions of stone removal, shelling, grain separation, rice milling, polishing, color sorting, etc. It is fully automated after one-button start, saving manpower. For fragile long-grain rice, the editor is now To demonstrate the processing steps and effects for everyone, the process is divided into six steps:

1. Cleaning and husking: After the collected paddy is processed by the cleaning stoner, the rubber roller husker, and the grain roughness gravity screen, the brown rice obtained is less broken, and the broken rate during the husking process is low.

2. The first road is lightly milled and rough: the coarse sand roller is used to lightly grind the roughness. After the first road sand roller rice mill is processed, the effect of the broken rice is not cleaned, and the milled rice has high integrity and less broken rice.

3. Two-pass light grinding and polishing: The two-pass sand roller produces the rice effect. After light grinding and polishing by the fine sand roller, a small amount of broken rice can be seen to increase. Although long-grain rice is fragile, the amount of broken rice is not much after being hulled by the rubber roller of the machine and two-stage rice milling.

4. Water mist polishing: The rice is polished by the water mist polishing machine, the dust on the surface of the rice grains is cleaned, and the surface is gelatinized, so that the appearance of the rice is shiny. The process will add a little broken rice.
50 ton rice milling plant
5. White rice classification: separate and collect the broken rice produced after polishing.

6. Color selection: remove the variegated rice to make the finished rice the same color.

Rice processing plants generally follow this step to develop long-grain rice, but not all of them follow this process. The specific situation depends on the use of the product, the conditions of the rice equipment, and the size of the production line to determine the technological process required for by-products.

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