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How to choose flat rotary screen and vibrating screen for corn processing machine?

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  How to choose flat rotary screen and vibrating screen for corn processing machine?

  In the corn processing machine, the commonly used cleaning equipment in the selection mainly includes vibration screening and wind screening. How to select the vibration screening machine and the plane rotary screen in the corn processing equipment? So what are the main features and differences between these two devices? Win Tone will introduce and answer you through the working principle of vibrating screen and plane rotary screen.

  Difference in working principle:

  Vibrating screen: The vibrating screen moves the material forward in a straight line on the screen surface.

  The vibrating screening machine uses the vibration of the vibrating motor as the vibration source to make the material move linearly on the screen. The material enters the inlet of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and screens of various specifications through multiple layers of different sizes of screens The waste and the under-sieve are discharged from different cleaning ports.

  Plane rotary screen: center movement of the material on the screen surface.

  The plane rotary screen is driven by the motor to drive the V-belt to rotate the eccentric block of the exciter to produce high-speed rotation, and the centrifugal inertial force generated, so that the screen box produces a certain amplitude of center movement, and the material on the screen is transmitted by the screen box on the inclined screen surface. The vibration produces continuous center-of-rotation movement, increases the friction area between the screen and the material, and allows particles smaller than the mesh to pass through the screen, thereby achieving classification screening.

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