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Routine Maintenance and Precautions of Mixing Equipment

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The main purpose of mixing equipment is to proportion different materials and produce uniformly mixed materials. Proper use and maintenance can improve the efficiency of the mixing machine, reduce unnecessary slight defects. How to maintain dry flour mixing machines and lifting-type mixing machines in application?

1. Minor children are strictly prohibited from contacting with the machine without permission, to avoid accidents and ensure safety.

2. Keep the discharge mechanism clean. the discharge mechanism shall flexibly operate during the work of mixing machine, thus ensure to do the cleaning of the discharge mechanism, clean out dust and other residues, to prevent from effecting the normal operation of the machine. 3. Do the cleanup work. Materials may be accumulated inside drying equipment due to long run and improper operation, and affecting the normal operation. In this condition, ensure to stop working for cleaning. In cleaning of accumulated materials inside drying tower, open the cleaning door, sweep the accumulated materials on the funnel-shaped bottom with a long-handle broom, open the discharge valve, and rinse the tower inside with tap water. In the cleaning bag-type dust collector, open the control switch, continuously beat, then open the cleaning door, knock the bag-type dust collector, and finally replace the filter bag.

4. Make good lubrication work. The mixing machine is often operated, thus the bearing wear is serious. Lubricate in a timely manner to keep the bearing in good lubricating condition, reduce the wear of the bearing, consequently to maintain the mixing machine.

5. The lubrication of speed reducer shall be in oil-immersed way, the oil storage must be kept to the oil line, and the oil must be kept clean. If the speed reducer is often used, the oil shall be replaced every three months, and re-lubrication shall be carried out after the speed reducer is disassembled for cleaning.

6. Do cleanup work for chains. The transmission chain requires frequent lubrication. Use appropriate amount of No. 30 machine oil, and lubricate periodically, to keep chain in good lubricating conditions and in normal operation.

7. Replace oil of speed reducer periodically. Generally, oil replacement shall be carried out for the speed reducer after operation over 500 hours after lubrication for the first time, and in the later continuous operation, oil replacement can be carried out once half a year. Remember to buy brand lubricants, to avoid damage to the machine by using poor quality lubricants.

8. Maintenance of Material Silo: steel is easy to combine with moisture and causing rust and corrosion, thus the users shall always inspect all parts of the surface of the material silo. If corrosion or rusty is found, process it immediately and brush corrosion paint, carry out rust removal firstly and then brush anti-corrosion paint for the rust parts. If the support legs of the material silo are bent, inform the working personnel for treatment, to prevent cement silo from collapse.

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