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What are the reasons for the failure of bag filter in small corn processing machinery

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  What are the reasons for the failure of bag filter in small corn processing machinery? Corn can be processed into food for human consumption or feed through equipment. The equipment consists of many parts, and each part is important to the whole equipment, but a part of the equipment is called a bag filter, which is a very important part of the equipment, and if it is damaged, it will affect the quality of the product. Here, we need to know what would happen if a dust collector was damaged, what caused the damage to the components, and what to do if a corn facility's dust collector was found to be damaged. Today, let's follow the small corn processing machinery and equipment manufacturers to understand the reasons for the damage of the bag filter.

small corn processing machines

  The quality of corn deep processing machinery and equipment and the quality of the bag filter are also very important. Some small processing factories use small processing machinery to work in low-quality raw materials, and the processing level is far behind. The dust filter bag can be used for a long time. Even if the size of the bag is slightly smaller, the size of the cloth bag can be used, but after absorbing the dust with a larger specific gravity, the dust filter bag can be used for a certain period of time.

  Using the temperature of the unit, select the temperature of the appropriate mechanical filter bag for the hub. If the temperature is too high, select a dust bag that exceeds the normal working temperature, shorten the life of the filter bag from severe burns in a short time, the filter inlet temperature must be calculated in the bag to be measured, and the corresponding dust bag is selected .

small corn processing machines

  The choice of dust medium for corn equipment and bag filter material for small corn processing equipment depends on the nature of the dust, and it is necessary to consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances. Select the filter material suitable for the filter material according to the characteristics of the dust, so that the filter bag can absorb the dust normally without affecting the service life of the filter bag.

  With the continuous improvement of living conditions, people began to devote themselves to diet, and various delicacies emerged, which also brought convenience to many food processing factories. They process main food such as corn and wheat through corn processing equipment, and then complete the production, so that the food produced is welcomed by the market. So when the food processing plant reaps financial benefits, it also expands the size of the company itself.

  Now with the further development of corn processing machinery, manufacturers of production equipment should seize the opportunity, focus on technology research and development and innovation, grasp the core, improve the technical level of the industry, achieve innovative breakthroughs, improve the competitiveness of the domestic equipment market, and become the further development of the food machinery industry. Powerful power.

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