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Why is rice processing equipment popular?

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  The rice processing equipment we produce adopts mixed-flow low-temperature drying, which removes water slowly and uniformly, with little thermal damage, low crack rate (burst rate), and good quality of grain after drying; the grain discharge device adopts a sliding valve structure, which has no effect on materials damage, and the grain discharge speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the output and water removal requirements to meet the capacity and needs, and the drying speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of seed grain or commercial grain to meet the quality requirements.

rice processing equipment

  1. The environmental protection dryer uses coal, rice husk or straw as fuel, which is converted into clean hot air after combustion and heat exchange, and does not pollute the dried grains.

  2. The quality of the main structure of the processing equipment is durable. The bottom seat of the main frame is made of high-quality 18# channel steel, which is connected by DC electric welding; the drying section and the slow-suspension section are made of high-quality 7# angle steel frame. The inner layer of steel plate is cold-rolled 2.0 mm anti-corrosion and wear-resistant plate, and the outer layer of steel plate is 0.6mm color steel polyurethane sandwich insulation board. The parts are connected with 10.8-grade super-strength screws. The 25m high tower can resist typhoon level 12. and the high-quality configuration ensures high quality and high safety. Related reading: Does the quality of rice processing affect the quality of rice?

  3. Small investment, low cost of use, automatic control of the working process, automatic shutdown, simple and labor-saving operation, meeting the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers.

  4. Equipped with automatic online temperature measurement and humidity measurement device, the degree of automation is greatly improved, and the drying uniformity is good. Easy to clean.

  5. Mainly aimed at: drying of corn, wheat, rapeseed, cottonseed, corn, sorghum, soybean, mung bean, sunflower seeds, etc. and their seeds, especially in line with the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers.

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