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Regular inspection of rice processing equipment to prevent failures

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  With the continuous improvement of modern technology, rice processing has gradually changed from manual to mechanical production, which is more convenient for people's lives. In the process of using rice processing equipment, in order to make the equipment work more efficiently, the equipment is regularly inspected. It is indispensable. Any problems found in the inspection can be repaired as soon as possible to reduce greater economic losses. For the content of rice processing equipment that needs to be checked, please read the following article.

rice milling plant

  1. During the operation of the rice processing equipment, do not use iron bars or screwdrivers to move the cake wheel to prevent accidents. During the operation before starting, it is strictly forbidden to screw the screw shaft to the dead point, so as to cause the slag tip and the cake ring to contact and wear each other, resulting in processing equipment accidents. When the equipment is running, tighten the anti-loosening nut to prevent the shaft from drifting. Rice processing equipment needs to be pure before use, and no stones or metal blocks can be put in it. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to put hands or metal rods into the hopper to dredge the rice. Only wooden sticks can be used to prevent the fingers from being cut off by the screw shaft. Motors of processing equipment need to be grounded.

rice processing equipment

  2. Do a good job in the regular inspection and maintenance of the motor of the rice processing equipment. Disassemble and maintain the motor, clean and refuel or replace the motor bearing of the equipment, monitor the insulation, improve the cooling system, etc. to ensure that the motor is running in a good state. To ensure the quality of maintenance, when the motor of rice processing equipment is repaired, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of replaced parts and enameled wires, operate each process correctly, prevent various hidden dangers of accidents left by man, and improve repairs. After the motor running quality, to ensure that the control system can run well.

paddy husker

  3. During the use of the rice processing equipment, it is necessary to regularly check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed plate is loose and all the fastening parts shall not be loose. In particular, check the screws in the fixed chainrings of the processing equipment. Appropriately inject lubricating oil before starting work, and increase the number of refueling for continuous work. Maintenance and processing equipment Spindle bearing cavity must be replaced with new lubricating oil after cleaning.

  4. In the whole process of the rice processing equipment, the clean grain after the cleaning process needs to be hulled by a grain huller, which is an important process in the current rice processing. If the processing equipment is well operated and managed, the skilled workers of the rice factory need to understand the nature of the rice processing technology, determine the line speed, line speed difference, speed ratio and speed difference rate of the rice huller, followed by the rolling distance and the pressure between the rolls, the flow rate and The hardness of the rubber roller is to be controlled.

paddy separator

  The above content is the inspection work that needs to be carried out on the rice processing equipment in daily use. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and prolong its life, I also hope that you will strengthen the maintenance of the equipment and related inspection items in the future use process. Hope the things mentioned in the above article are helpful to you.


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