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How to identify the parts of inferior millet processing equipment?

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As the main tool for the production of millet, millet processing equipment is composed of many parts. If you buy inferior parts, it will also affect the damage of millet processing equipment. How to identify the parts of inferior millet processing equipment in daily life? Let me introduce you to the identification method of inferior parts.

      1. Look at the seal
Genuine parts are tightly sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof, and generally do not corrode during storage.
      2. Check the gap
Generally, the fitting clearance of the parts is slightly larger, but not loose; the fitting clearance of the precision pair is small, only 0.002-0.003 mm. If it is a bearing, it should not only have a small clearance, but also rotate flexibly without jamming. At the same time, the balls should be smooth and free of pitting.

millet processing machines
  3. Specific quality
Genuine products are of good material quality, and there is no phenomenon of cutting corners and shoddy products, while counterfeit products are generally of poor quality.

      4. Look at the packaging
Genuine products generally pay attention to the quality of the outer packaging of the parts. The packaging materials are exquisite, the surface is well printed, and the technology content is high. Most of the boxes are printed with the product name, model, quantity, quality inspector code (seal), factory address and telephone number. Wait.

As for how to identify inferior parts of millet processing equipment, you can use the above four methods. You must know that you get what you pay for every penny. The use of inferior parts will definitely cause damage to millet processing equipment, so you need to shop around when buying parts.
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