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What is the working principle of millet processing machinery?

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  The milling of millet is similar to that of rice. The milling methods are divided into two types: grinding and whitening and friction and rubbing. Nowadays, many millet processing machines adopt the rice milling process of multi-machine light milling and sand iron combination. Among them, the sand roller mills rice. The machine is mainly used for roughening, and the iron roller rice mill is used for fine grinding of millet. The following will explain the working principle of grinding rice with millet processing machinery. Let's take a look.

millet processing machinery

  The rice milling part of this machine can process rice into millet at one time, and complete the separation of rice, bran and broken rice at the same time. The specific working principle is as follows:

  The working room of the peeling machine is equipped with an iron screen, and a grinding wheel mill is installed in the screen screen to form a raw grain peeling gap between the screen and the grinding wheel. At the same time of peeling, the kernel and seed coat are separated by combining with wind selection, which greatly reduces the broken rate and improves the peeling quality and yield more effectively.

  During operation, place the millet machine smoothly on the workbench, plug in the power plug, determine the whitening time, adjust the timing knob, and take out 17-20g of brown rice in the hopper (the moisture content should not exceed 20%). ) into the feed hopper and let it flow into the whitening chamber. Press the power button to start

  When the specified time is reached, the equipment will automatically stop, first take out the hopper, remove the bran, and then insert the hopper, then take out the press and turn the front turning handle to the right, so that the polished rice in the whitening room falls into the hopper, press the power Press the button to idle the grinding wheel for a few seconds, so that all the rice grains in the whitening room fall, and then pull out the rice hopper, and after sieving, the measured polished rice is obtained.

millet processing machine

  Comparing the new millet machine with the traditional rice mill:

  ①It can reduce broken rice by 40%.

  ②Every 100 jins of rice can grind 75-80 jins of finished rice,

  ③The nutrients on the surface of the rice are not damaged.


  It can separate shriveled grains and brown rice, and use rice bran to raise poultry, which can effectively reduce the disease disaster of poultry and improve the quality of feeding (the bran shell has no nutrients, which is harmful and not beneficial).

  The new millet processing machinery is quite intelligent. The advent of this equipment reduces labor and improves work efficiency. Although it has many advantages, it is still necessary to master some working principles in use. Considering the small granularity of millet In operation, the whitening pressure should be reduced, the temperature rise during whitening should be reduced, the rice should be milled at low temperature, and the agglomeration of oily substances should be avoided as much as possible, so as not to affect the normal work of the rice machine and the quality of the finished rice.

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