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Will millet processing equipment break down?

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  In the operation of the millet processing equipment production line, if the quality of the rice deteriorates, the production efficiency decreases, and the vibration is abnormal, it means that there is a fault. Today, we summarize three common failures and solutions to share with you.

  1. Rolling bearing failure

  If the millet processing equipment works for a long time, the bearing is not lubricated, the temperature will be too high, deformation will occur, and abnormal vibration will occur.

  Solution: Turn off the equipment, cut off the power supply, dissipate heat from the bearing, add lubricating oil after cooling down, and replace it even if it is deformed.

  Second, the speed ratio problem

  The transmission belt is deviated or the tension is insufficient, and the speed of the millet processing equipment is not up to the standard, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency.

  Solution: Turn off the equipment and power, correct the belt and adjust the tension, and replace the belt if necessary.

  3. Roller failure

  The quality of the finished rice largely depends on the grinding rollers, which are consumables and should be replaced regularly to ensure the production effect.

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