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Important factors for the production of high-quality flour in the complete set of flour equipment

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  To produce high-quality flour, many factors are required. In order to produce high-quality flour, the quality of wheat is still the key. The complete set of wheat flour production lines can be divided into different positions according to the location of the wind selection equipment in the wind network. Suction type air selection and blowing type air selection, the suction type air selection equipment is in a negative pressure state, the dust does not overflow, and the working effect is relatively stable, so this form is generally used.

  The purpose of the wheat flour complete line flour process is to produce as much high-quality flour with low ash content as possible, which is generally summarized as "more good flour". The grinding system for producing high-quality powder is divided into skin grinding, slag grinding, core grinding and tail grinding systems. The skin grinding uses toothed rollers, and the rest except the last 1--2 lanes basically use smooth rollers, which are collectively referred to as the heart grinding system. The former skin grinding and the former core grinding are connected by the cleaning system. The front road skin mill scrapes the wheat residue, wheat heart and coarse powder from the wheat peel. The particle size of these materials is quite different, and they all contain different degrees of bran flakes and bran crumbs. They must be purified and graded before being sent to different heart mills. The system is developed into grades of powder of different quality.

  The flour purifier of the wheat flour complete line is used for purification and grading, to remove the bran flakes and bran crumbs contained in the slag, heart and coarse flour, and divide them into intermediate products with relatively uniform particle size. The particle size of the same-grade materials obtained by particle size classification is not congruent, but only belongs to the same particle size range, that is, the same-grade materials are also divided into large, medium, small particles, medium powder and Small flour, large gluten, medium gluten, small gluten, etc. The specific gravity of the purified powder is large, and in the process of forming automatic classification, it tends to sink to the lower layer, and has a large suspension speed, which is not easy to be sucked away by the air flow.

  The ash content of the intermediate product after purification and classification is significantly lower than that of the incoming material, and more low-ash content materials are extracted as much as possible. This kind of selection of materials after skin grinding, and the work of separating each component according to type is called cleaning powder. The equipment used for cleaning powder is powder cleaning machine, which mainly uses the combined effect of sieving and air selection. Generally speaking, the purifier is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the process of processing high-quality flour in a complete set of flour equipment.

  Wheat flour complete lines often need to install cleaning equipment with relatively good quality, because these cleaning equipment can well ensure the cleanliness of products processed by wheat flour complete lines, improve the economic benefits brought by flour processing equipment, and make our production profits. become higher, which is convenient for the development of our corn processing enterprises. At present, the cleaning equipment of wheat flour complete line has certain limitations. The cleaning equipment of the wheat flour complete line takes up a lot of space in the workshop and increases the cost of civil construction investment. Its cleaning equipment may also increase the wind network and increase power consumption. The management of cleaning equipment of flour processing equipment must be strengthened to make it fully function, otherwise it may cause waste of resources.

  At present, all the possible limitations of the cleaning equipment for the wheat flour complete line will be gradually solved with the development of science and technology. With ambient temperature, humidity changes. Generally speaking, the main reason for the failure of the motor of the wheat flour complete line is that the temperature of the motor is too high. If the temperature is too high, it is very easy to cause damage to the motor of the flour processing equipment. When the wheat flour complete line is processing, the bearing lacks oil, the dirt enters the bearing, and the bearing is damaged, which will cause the overload of the motor of the flour processing equipment, which will cause the temperature of the motor of the flour processing equipment to continue to rise, resulting in motor failure.

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