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How does grain processing equipment produce high-gluten flour?

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  For many consumers, if the bran and flour can be separated well in the multigrain processing equipment, the high-gluten flour produced is very standardized, and the high-gluten flour produced is white and well-proportioned.

  The traditional wheat processing method is that the bran and the flour are not separated, and mixed production and processing are carried out together. The high-gluten flour produced is slightly yellowish, but it is rich in nutrients. Because wheat bran contains a lot of multivitamins and various minerals, it is the source of human body to supplement these nutrients. Large-scale high-gluten flour production equipment has high automation technology in the production process, which can improve productivity.

  The contemporary method of processing high-gluten flour with multi-grain processing equipment requires removing the wheat bran and only producing and processing wheat. The high-gluten flour produced in this way is very white, but it is not as good as traditionally produced and processed high-gluten flour in terms of taste and nutritional content. . It can be adjusted which method large-scale high-gluten flour production equipment adopts to produce and process high-gluten flour. At low speed and low temperature, the high-gluten flour produced and processed is traditional high-gluten flour, while the high-gluten flour produced and processed at high temperature and high speed can be adjusted. High-gluten flour is contemporary high-gluten flour.

  In the development trend of the flour processing machinery industry, the stability and improvement of the quality of high-gluten flour are the core. No matter which production process is selected, to ensure the stability and improvement of product quality, it is necessary to strictly manage all stages of the processing process. The new market has put forward more standardized requirements for flour processing equipment. With the development trend of the wheat manufacturing industry, the adjustment of industrial layout has brought new opportunities for the industrialization development trend of high-gluten flour production equipment, and the inestimable development potential and market development potential of the high-gluten flour industry chain have become increasingly prominent.

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