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Which type of corn processing machinery is suitable for use in rural workshops?

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  As one of the important foods in people's lives, corn needs to be processed by corn processing machinery and equipment before it can be used. Now there are many types of corn processing machinery, and each type of machinery and equipment is used in different manufacturers. Now the corn market in rural areas is very good, and that type of processing machinery and equipment is used in rural workshops.

corn processing machinery

  1. Fresh corn ears are produced. Fresh sweet corn and glutinous corn ears are foods that are appreciated by both refined and common people. The demand in urban and rural shopping malls is endless. The time for fresh corn to be on the market usually only takes more than half a month. , extending the listing time, or engaging in freezing or fresh-keeping, blocking the sales in the cold season of the market, the effect is good.

  2. Coarse grain processing. Select high-protein and high-starch corn varieties, and make some corn ballast and corn flour and coarse grain corn processing equipment, and sell them in supermarkets and farmer's stores in large and medium-sized cities.

  3. Using corn deep processing machinery for food processing. Waxy cornmeal is also a good choice for processing bean buns, rice cakes and other foods. There are abundant surplus labor resources in rural areas. In the slack farming season, using the existing conditions of the home, it can be processed without special equipment and sold to urban farmers' markets.

  4. Corn processing machinery popcorn processing. Cultivate popcorn by yourself, buy a small popcorn machine, process popcorn, edible oil, cocoa powder, sugar, etc., and sell them to supermarkets and grocery stores.

  Nowadays, there is no shortage of agricultural products in rural areas, such as rice, corn, wheat, peanuts, sweet potatoes, etc. These are good grains for farmers. If small-scale grain processing factories are opened in rural areas, soybeans can be processed into various soybean products, and corn and wheat can be further processed. These foods are common not only in rural areas but also in cities, and they are also very popular.

maize processing machine

  At present, thousands of products can be processed through corn processing machinery, with a wide variety of products, which meets the needs of the diversified development of the market. At the same time, it also solves energy problems such as bioethanol, corn germ meal, alcohol germ meal feed, corn husk spray, corn husk, corn gluten meal, and bran. It increases the value of corn and makes a great contribution to the economic development of our country.

  When producing equipment, corn deep processing machinery manufacturers should not only pay attention to the surface design and structure of the equipment, but also improve the internal quality, product performance and technical indicators of the equipment. Processing technology should also be transformed from simple physical processing to biological and chemical technology processing, optimizing product structure and increasing product added value.

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