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Analysis of production cost and profit for 50 tons maize milling plant

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  Regarding the cost of maize milling plant, it can be started from three aspects, which can be roughly divided into purchase, installation and production. Now there are many manufacturers of corn processing equipment on the market. When choosing, we must choose equipment with new technology, stable quality and reliable operation. , This can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures and maintenance frequency, thereby reducing production costs.

maize milling plant price

  Cost-profit analysis of Maize milling plant: When the moisture content of corn is 15%, the market price of corn per ton should be 2250RMB; 440 kilograms of grits can be produced per ton of gross corn, the wholesale price of grits per kilogram is 3RMB, 440kg×3RMB/kg , 1320RMB in total; 290 kilograms of corn flour per ton of corn can be produced, the wholesale price per kilogram is 2.8RMB, 290 kilograms x 2.8RMB/kg, a total of 812RMB; 70 kilograms of embryos can be produced per ton of corn, and the market price of embryos per kilogram is 3.5RMB, 70 Kilogram x3.5RMB/kg, total 245RMB.

  Production cost analysis of corn deep processing machinery: electricity consumption per ton is 60 degrees, 0.8RMB per kilowatt-hour, electricity cost per ton is 48RMB; labor cost, 6 people per shift, can produce 35 tons, labor cost per ton is about 15RMB; corn processing equipment maintenance cost per The cost of raw grain loss is about 20RMB per ton; the packaging cost is about 40RMB per ton; the gross profit per ton is 517RMB minus the production cost of 165RMB/ton, and the profit per ton is 352RMB.

maize milling plant

  The cost of corn deep processing machinery per ton of raw corn is 2250RMB, and the total value of each ton of finished products is 2767RMB, so the value of each ton of raw corn after processing and production is 517RMB. Therefore, (net profit = total value of finished product - cost of raw grain - production cost), the net profit per 1 ton of gross corn produced is about 350-360 RMB. The daily output of corn is 100 tons, calculated at 25 RMB per month and 10 months per year, and the annual output is 25.000 tons. The net profit per ton is calculated at 350 RMB, and the annual net profit is 8.75 million RMB (25.000 tons × 350 RMB/ton = 8.75 million RMB).

  If the power consumption is well controlled, the production cost of corn deep processing can be greatly reduced, so the selection of the motor is also crucial. In the process of considering the power consumption, the quality and starting performance of the motor are two Factors that must be considered, running time and circuits also have a certain impact on power consumption, and choosing a good motor is very important for energy saving.

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