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The production parts of corn processing equipment that need to be improved are weak links

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  Certain parts of the corn processing equipment often fail and stop during processing and repeated treatment is invalid; for example, the existence of certain parts directly has a bad influence on the quality and yield of the product; these are all weak links in the processing, in addition There are also places with potential safety hazards that cannot be restored to normal during maintenance, etc., which need to be improved.

  First, according to the production records of the corn processing equipment, find out the weak links of the equipment, conduct organizational reviews on time, determine the order of problems to be solved according to the priority, and propose improvements. After the improvement work is completed, the effect assessment must be carried out, and the evaluation shall be made and recorded.

  Qualified corn processing equipment should meet the following conditions: the appearance design is more ergonomic; the materials used in the corn processing equipment have comprehensive stability, and the structure that bears the grinding function is reasonable; the feeding device is safer, and the rolling distance adjustment is automated Labor-saving and convenient; the designed toothed belt is stable and durable, and the belt elasticity automatic compensation tensioning device is more adaptable and flexible.

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