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New corn processing equipment promotes the diversified development of corn

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  With the development of agriculture, the economic development of my country's agriculture is getting faster and faster, and science and technology are also constantly improving. Following this, my country's corn processing equipment manufacturers have also appeared some new technologies, prompting today's corn processing The equipment has undergone a lot of changes. In the traditional corn processing method, the yield of corn processing is low, and the quality is not high, and the food style is relatively small. The new corn processing can make corn in various styles, and the quality and yield are very high.

  The traditional corn processing technology is to grind the whole corn into corn grits after grinding and breaking it. In the process of making grits, the seed coats, bran stars, and germs with deep color will inevitably be ground into the processed corn grits, which will affect the quality of corn grits. If you want to improve the quality of corn grits, you need to repeat the processing many times, resulting in a low yield. Even after the corn is cleaned, some microorganisms**, molds, and other pollutants will still remain on the seed coat, because a part of the seed coat will be mixed in the corn grits, which will endanger human health.

  The new corn processing equipment adopts the micromolecular peeling and crushing technology to carry out in-depth processing according to the characteristics of the corn, which effectively improves the rough taste of the corn and increases the edibility. Combine the peeling system with the grits making system and use a power to drive it, saving space and reducing investment.

  At present, the corn processing equipment industry as a whole has entered a period of product structure adjustment and improvement of innovation capabilities. It has been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are still exported, but the overall size is not strong, the quality is not high, and the independent innovation ability is weak. The international competitiveness is not strong. my country’s corn processing machinery is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, as the corn processing industry develops in the direction of miniaturization and digitalization, enterprises need a lot of financial support to upgrade their technology and replace equipment. At the same time, high-quality skilled workers who control high-end equipment The lack also makes many companies "difficult."

  At present, some corn processing equipment has added a temperature control function, which uses sensors to detect the temperature during the processing and keep it within a reasonable range in order to achieve a more ideal processing effect. High-temperature production will destroy the nutritional value of corn itself. Compared with relying on experience, the sensor is more stable.

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