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HRF40*2 Intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator

HRF40*2 Intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator

Application:Rice and oil processing industry

Capacity:5-6ton/hour, 10-12ton/hour




  The most important by-product of rice whitening & polishing process is rice bran. In order to maximise its commerical and nutritional value, bran must be free of rice tips, broken rice and also husk. An efficient separation will not only ensure higher value of rice bran but also increase the value of rice tips.

  Application process: rice bran → intelligent flexible rice bran separator → oil bran powder and rice bran → pure rice bran → pure bran oil extraction

  The intelligent flexible rice bran separator is a device that can efficiently separate rice bran, broken rice and bran powder in the mixture through flexible kneading and strong centrifugal force, so that the by-products of rice processing can be effectively used to increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

  The intelligent rice bran separator includes rice box, filter screen, rotary vibrator and automatic control device. The bran sifter is intended exclusively for separating rice bran and tips mixture. The rice bran mixture has to be free of stones and other foreign objects. 


  • Efficient separation

    Good separation effect makes 6-8% of bran and tips achieve 100% separation, which has outstanding economic benefits;

  • High output and low consumption

    Compared with the rice bran mixture separator, this machine(capacity≥12t/h, power≤30kw) is featured with high productivity and low energy consumption.

  • Food safe design

    Equipped with LED light visual system, the inlet and outlet material surface, using SUS304 food grade stainless steel material to make food safe and clean.

  • Flexible design to meet changing market needs

    Flexibility to meet market need various screen option to meet bran quality requirment as expected by bran oil extractor.


  • HRF40*2 Intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator
  • HRF40*2 Intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator


HRF40*2 Intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator FINISHED PRODUCTS


Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
HRF 40*1 5-6 15.9 3040*800*2273
HRF 40*2 10-12 27.9 3040*1380*2273

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