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Rice Processing Plants
WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine

WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine

Finished product:Processing rice, Japonica rice, Indica rice

Production capacity:15Ton/day

Core equipment:Pre-cleaner, paddy husker,separator, polisher


  Wt-15B Rice Milling Machine is a complete set of equipment for rice milling, which integrates raw grain cleaning and impurity removal, stone removal, rice hulling, paddy Separator, rice milling and broken rice grading.

  First, the rice is cleaned out. Second, husking and paddy is separated from the finished brown rice. Third, brown rice is further processed into milled rice by milling. Last, the finished product is graded by a broken rice screen.

  It is processing speed is fast and there is no residue. Besides, it is simple to operate. Rice milling room is selected of strong wind, so the temperature of the rice is very low and there is no bran powder. Morever, the rice is crystal and clear. In a word, it is the ideal equipment for small processing enterprises.


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  • Streamlined production

    It is a combined equipment of raw grain cleaning, stone removal, husking, separation of coarse grain, rice milling, broken rice classification and so on;

  • User-friendly

    It is very simple to operate and mend conveniently.There are many advantages such as high degree of automation, exquisite appearance, small footprin and so on;

  • Finished well

    Rice milling room select strong wind.Therefore, it's temperature is low.Besides,there is no bran powder and the rice is crystal and clear;

  • General industry competence

    New combined equipment used by farms, market towns, grain offices, grain processing enterprises and specialized grain processing households;


  • WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine
  • WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine
  • WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine


WT-15B Combined Rice Milling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power (KW) Rated Voltage (V) Spindle speed (r/min) Weight(KG) Size (MM)
WT-15B 700-1000 23 380 1042 1400 2800×1500×2900

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