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Oilseed Processing Plants
Rapeseed Shelling Plants

Rapeseed Shelling Plants

Finished product:Hulled rapeseeds

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  WIN TONE is devoted to processing grain and oilseeds for more than 30 years and masters a process and technology for husking the seed, which lays the foundation for grain and oilseeds deep processing industry. 
rapeseeds shelling machine 


The following overview shows machines which are used for the processing of RAPESEEDS. Here, you can find more information about various WIN TONE machines.

  1. Cleaning(Screen, Specific Gravity Destoner,Magnetic Separator):

  Oilseeds need to be cleaned to remove plant stems, sticks, leaves and foreign material before storage. Foreign materials in seeds are typically separated out by a combination of rotating or vibrating coarse screens, reels and aspiration. Sand and dirt also are removed by fine screening. Magnetic devices remove metal contaminants from seeds.

  2. Seed Drying:

  Vertical grain dryers can be used for oilseeds as. These dryers have multiple columns of oilseeds which slowly migrate downward. The upper portion of the column is used for drying and lower section is for cooling to improve the effectiveness of downstream processing.

  3. Dehulling:

  The amount of hull on oilseeds varies significantly. Most oilseeds need to be separated from their outer husk or shell prior to oil extraction.

  Dehulling also is referred to as shelling or decorticating. Dehulling increases oil production efficiency, capacity of the extraction equipment and reduces wear in the oil expeller.There are numerous dehuller designs to choose from depending upon the types of seeds.

  4. Further Processing for Oil Industry


  • Efficient cleaning and grading process

    The cleaning process is perfect and the cleaning effect is good. The workshop is dust-free and meets environmental requirements;

  • Exclusive shelling process

    Using hierarchical peeling process, the peeling rate is high, the kernel rate is high, and the kernel crushing rate is low;

  • Advanced shell and kernel separation process

    Adopt graded skin suction technology, which is more convenient to adjust the air volume, and the effect of suction shell is better;

  • Customized grain separation process

    A customized grain sieve is used for kernel separation.


  • Rapeseed Shelling Plants
  • Rapeseed Shelling Plants
  • Rapeseed Shelling Plants


Rapeseed Shelling Plants FINISHED PRODUCTS

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