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A Perfect Helper for Your Fufu Grinding Work

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Do you know fufu? In most parts of Africa, cornmeal, is a side dish you would find in restaurant menus and in home kitchens around the continent – under different aliases. The most notable are fufu(West Africa), Ugali (Kenya), Nshima –Zambia, Nsima – Malawi and South Africa – Meilie pap. When paired with greens, stews and/or protein – it sure is delightful and quite filling.




How do you make fufu? With stone mill, or advanced milling machinery? Here, Win Tone Machinery developes and manufactures one specific NF28-36 fufu grinding machine based on African market demand and the local diet tradition, especially the demand in white corn flour milling.




NF28-36 fufu grinding machine consists of peeling, polishing, degerming, cleaning and flour milling functions and can produce corn flour directly used in cooking. It is the ideal equipment for large quantity of corn processing enterprises and individual users for its multi-functions, compact structure, high efficiency and low energy consumption. 



How does it work?

1.It is mainly composed of the following parts: conveying, peeling, air blowing, flour milling, dedusting, transmission and machine frame.


2.After cleaning, corn is blended with a small quantity of water(≤3%), and then is conveyed to the moistening barn for 7-10 minutes. Then it is sent into the peeling chamber for peeling. The mutual friction among corn, high-speed rotation iron roller and sieve plate damages the bonding strength among the corn endosperm, corn bran and corn germ and makes them separated.


After peeling, corn kernels are sent into the grinding chamber and are milled under the force of high-speed rotation, impacting and shearing. The granules smaller than the sieve plate mesh are discharged out of the machine. And the larger ones are processed repeatedly.


Then the mixing material is sent into the filtration fabric for air exhausting. The corn flour is collected and packaged.


NF28-36 Fufu Grinding Machine Technical Parameter:
型   号 Model 原粮 Unprocessed Grain 产量 Yield (kg/h) 风量 Air Volume (m³/h) 重量 Weight(kg) 动力 Power (kW) 皮杂率 Bran Rate(%) 粉粒细度 Powder Fineness(mesh) 外形尺寸 Boundary Dimension (mm)
NF28-36 玉米 corn 600-850 2200-2600 800 22 19-30 30-60     2000×1200×3100
水稻 paddy 350-450 40-60
豆类 bean 250-350 40-60


For more information about NF28-36 fufu grinding machine, or our other corn and grain milling machines, please feel free to contact us via

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