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WT-15B Rice Milling Machinery Delivery to Nigeria

Back to list Source:/ Release date: 2021-05-22

WT-15B Rice Milling Machinery Delivery to Nigeria

It is reported that Nigeria has ideal rice planting environment and its annual rice yield can reach 10,000,000 ton. In the near future, Nigeria will probably become one of the important rice export countries.


With the rice processing demand increasing, Nigeria is importing large quantity of rice milling machineries, especially from China. As one of the largest corn and grain processing equipment manufacturers in China, Win Tone Machinery has always been focusing on Nigeria market. During years of exploiting and maintaining, we've already had a sustainable and stable products demand from Nigeria, no matter large corn and grain processing project, or small processing machineries.


Since the year of 2016, our WT-15B rice milling machinery export has been maintaining the healthy momentum of growth in Africa. In the last week, 50 sets of this machine were delived to Nigeria. 

And the rapid development of WT-15B profits from its excellent performances: 
1.Compact structure, complete function, simple operation,convenient maintenance, little noise, high yield
2.Processing rice in farmlands,towns,grain shops and specialized households
3.Easy to install, customer can install by himself to put this unit together.

For more details about WT-15B rice milling machinery, please feel free to contact us via

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