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Importance of Nicotinic Acid in Corn

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The so-called nicotinic acid is also known as vitamin B5, thus has a significant impact on human health.

By using the corn processing machine, the nicotinic acid in corn can be released with some easy methods in processing of corn products, to be better absorbed by human body.

Nicotinic acid is usually contained in maize and other coarse grains, thus is very beneficial to human health.

But nicotinic acid is usually mixed with other substances and is quite difficult to be absorbed by human body. We can add some baking soda in corn processing machine to successfully release nicotinic acid, in this way, the processed products will be rich in nicotinic acid and can be absorbed by human body, to be more beneficial to human health. Eating food containing nicotinic acid can is helpful to maintain the normal functions of nervous system, digestive system and skin, to make the products processed with corn processing machine more beneficial to human body.

Therefore, corns will contain richer nicotinic acid after being processed with corn processing machine, and will become more nutritious.

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