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MTPS Highland Barley Peeling Machine

MTPS Highland Barley Peeling Machine

Application:Wheat, Barley, Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum Pearling Machine




  Highland barley, Tibetan barley or Himalayan barley, is the principal cereal cultivated on the Tibetan Plateau, used mainly to make tsampa and alcohol. Today, it is used to make beer (Lhasa Beer), flour, bread, cakes or noodles.

  MTPS Series Highland Barley Peeling Machine (Wheat, Barley, Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum Pearling Machine) is used as the supporting equipment in grain processing technology or as the single equipment. The material is conveyed by the screw propeller to the peeling chamber which is at the machine’s core part. It utilizes the emery with high speed rotation and cuts and rubs the grain skin continuously, which destroys the bonding strength among grain skin, material skin, and makes grain skin separated gradually. Then the material is conveyed to the outlet of the equipment and the peeling process is finished.


  • Good peeling effect

    The machine is used in grain pearling process of grain processing line as well as primary and further peeling process in beer and feed factories.

  • Dust removal system

    It has the aspiration and dust removal system outside, which ensures the best sanitary conditions.It can be used in series or in parallel in complete processing line according to technological demand.

  • high sanitation standard

    MTPS MTPS Series Grain Pearling Machine (Wheat, Barley, Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum Pearling Machine) connects with the efficient aspiration system, which ensures the reliable discharging of grain bran. It has the powerful cooling system and ensures the high

  • Easily maintained and operated.

    It has quick-replaceable sieve plate and other parts. The durable emery roller and less abrasion parts make the equipment easily operated and maintained.


  • MTPS Highland Barley Peeling Machine
  • MTPS Highland Barley Peeling Machine


MTPS Highland Barley Peeling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS


  Emery Roll Diameter Emery Roll Length Spindle Speed Yield Power Air Volume Size
Model (mm) (mm) (r/min) (t/h) (kW) (m³/h) (L*W*H) mm
MTPS-18A Φ180 660 1300 1~1.5 22   1370×700×1900
MTPS-25A Φ240 660 1050 2~3 30   1515×660×2100

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