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Compound grain cleaning and grading machine

Compound grain cleaning and grading machine

Application: sesame, sunflower seed, grain, Chia seed, various seed

Capacity:sesame: 2-3t/h, sunflower seed: 2-3t/h, beans: 7t/h


  Double Air Screen Cleaner can be used to remove the light impurity, big and small impurity, and then separate grain or seed to different size,  which is special good cleaning for sesame and sunflower seed, beans which with much dust and purity.

  This Double air screen cleanerconsists of Bucket Elevator, Dust Catcher (cyclone), double Vertical Screen, vibration Screen and Grain Exits. One fan, two vibration motors, three motors (fan, elevator, rotary discharging valve)

  Working Principle

  Materials enter the front-end vertical air screen through elevator or screw conveyor, this wind selection can remove light impurities according to the different proportion of impurities and materials. Then the materials enter vibration sieve, which can clean big and small impurities by different types of highly precise punching sieve in accordance with different sizes of grains. Finally materials enter the back-end air screen; the secondary wind selection can remove the remnant light impurities further.


  1. Double air screen, twice dust cleaning.

  2. The material can be classified into big, medium and small particles with different layers(different size) of sieves.

  3. Double Air Screen Cleaner consists of bucket elevator, dust catcher, enclosed rotary unloading valve, double vertical screen and vibration grader.

grain cleaning machine
grain cleaner

  Technical Index

Name Double Air Screen Cleaner
Model 5XFS-7.5FC
Layer Four
Sieve Surface Area (mm) 1250 x 2400
Power (kw) 9.35
Capacity (T/H) 7.5
Weight (T) 1.77
Overall Size L x W x H (mm) 3920 x 2430 x 3440
Remark Sunflower seeds: 60 bags/h
Beans: 7.5 t/h

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