• Product Name: Instant Oatmeal Production Line
  • Features: 1.Advanced oat flaking technology 2.High automation processing.

Instant Oatmeal Production Line introduction:
Win Tone instant oatmeal production line has advanced oat flaking technology. It can not only realize high automation processing, but also help to lock oats nutrition so as to improve human body absorption, which conforms to the modern life pace. The instant oatmeal production line realizes aseptically processing environment, which ensures the high quality of the oatmeal. 
instant oatmeal production line.jpg


Technological process of instant oatmeal production line:cleaning→oat boiling→oat drying→color sorting→steam tempering→flaking→cooling and drying→packaging

Core equipment of instant oatmeal production line:
Oat boiling machine, oat drying machine, granulator, oat steaming machine, oat dampener, drying and cooling machine, destoner and oat washing machine, rotary sieve classifier, circulation aspirator, oat color sorter, vapor heat exchanger, oatmeal packing machine, pre-broken conveying equipment, cleaning and dust removing equipment. 
instant oatmeal production line.jpg

Technical characteristics of the instant oatmeal production line:
1. This technology changes the oat structure and state. It endows oat much better taste. 
2. The instant oatmeal production line adopts steaming, boiling, drying and flaking technology, and increases oat plasticity and its skin color and luster by utilizing the enzyme energy in the process of heat loss.
instant oatmeal production line oat flakes.jpg

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