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Analog Screen Control System

Analog Screen Control System

Features: 1.Relay interconnected control 2.Centralized control and the on-site branch control.

Analog Screen Control System Function and Features:

1. It adopts relay interconnected control, and has the control plan of stand-alone and manual operation start and stop.

2. It adopts the combination control of centralized control and the on-site branch control.

3. It adopts star triangle start for the equipment with 15KW (including 15KW).

4. The equipment switch, main engine electricity, speed measuring instrument, running state, system dynamics, stock bin and material level are all displayed on the mimic board.

5. MCC control cabinet adopts GGD standard cabinet, which is rat-proof, dry and safe.

6. The mimic board can indicate the technological process.

7. The MCC cabinet, the control cabinet and the equipment site all adopt cable bridge for laying, and the cable bridge, the motor and other electric equipment all adopt wiring tube for laying.

8. The control signal line adopts RVV model, and the motor cable adopts YJV model of cable.

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