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Corn Starch Production Line

Corn Starch Production Line

1.High economic efficiency 2.High recycling 3.Low energy consumption 4.Low pollution discharging

Corn starch processing adopts physical, chemical and biological combined technology and can process corn starch into high value of products. The material for processing is the starch from corn wet grinding. After starch purification, we adopt chemical method to modify it, or add enzyme A to produce glucose dextrose and oligosaccharide.

Containing 30 -35%, dextrose materials can be sold as a sweetener products, or be converted into high fructose syrup. For high fruit syrup, dextrose should be processed by iron exchange and then has reaction with glucose isomerase. It can also be processed into various products by fermentation, such as acetic acid, citric acid and lactic acid, amino acid lysine and tryptophan.

It adopts wet closed cycle technology to produce corn starch, which has the features of high economic efficiency, high recycling, low energy consumption and low pollution discharging.

Processing procedures:
cleaning, sulphurous acid dipping, screening, separating and cleaning, starch drying.

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