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Grain Spiral Steel Silos

Grain Spiral Steel Silos

Features: 1.Good overall performance 2.Good gas tightness 3.Short construction period 4.Wide application

Grain Spiral Steel Silo Features:

Good overall performance, longevity of service

In the construction process, steel silos are constructed with special equipment. In the process of rolling, silo outerwall occlude into a spiral raised line with width 30mm-40mm which is five times the thickness of silo wall sheet. This measure can greatly strengthen the silo load capacity, and make integrated intensity, stability and earthquake resistance of steel silo superior to other type silos.

Good gas tightness, wide application

In the process, steel silos can ensure the quality of any part of silo body by the special equipment for bending and occluding so that its leak tightness is particularly good. If used for grain storage, it can meet the disinfection and the fumigation process requirements, and according to the nature and technological requirements of solid and liquid materials storage silowall materials are optional, which made our silos can be widely used in many industry field, such as grain, brewing, sewage purification field and agriculture field.

Short construction period, low cost

Silos are constructed on site, silo top is installed on the ground. Linear velocity of molding and bending is 5m min, it is no need to take the scaffolding and other ancillary facilities, so construction period is very short. All silos are made of steel sheet, whose weight are only the equivalent weight of steel reinforcements in concrete silo with the same capacity, greatly reduced cost. And because it can bend and mold different materials both inside and outside of silowalloost of strong corrosive materials storage project in chemical industry environmental protection and other industries can be greatly reduced.

Small floor area, easy to use

Height and diameter of silo are optional in a large scope. Minimum distance between two silos is 500mm, user can make full use of space, reducing the floor space. Our silos have a high degree of automation, together with temperature monitoring system, level indicator, etc., it is very convenient for user to use.

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