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Quinoa Processing Plant

Quinoa Processing Plant


Designed for different quinoa seeds varieties such as quinoa, red quinoa, black quinoa, etc., as well as customer needs in various regions

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China Win Tone Machinery designed and developed the quiona seeds peeling machine and quinoa polishing machine based on the structural characteristics of quinoa and applied it to the dry quinoa processing line. The equipment has been put into use in many countries and regions, such as Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, and Canada, Peru, and Bolivia.

Quinoa processing complete technology:

Complete dry quinoa processing equipment can be divided into raw grain cleaning, stone removal, hulling, saponin removal, quinoa polishing, quinoa classification andgrading, color selection and packing processes. Using innovative all-dry processing technology, it can better maintain the flavor of quinoa and reduce nutrition loss than wet processing. In addition, Win Tone Machinery cleaned the quinoa raw grain according to the characteristics of quinoa, and used seeds selecting equipment to select the underfilled grains to improve product quality. 

Project Design Features:

1. All-dry processing technology: This technology can effectively save the value of Lemai, reduce the consumption of water, and the drying process, protect the environment, and improve the competitiveness of the product market.

2. We have strengthened the cleaning process for the complex inclusions of quinoa raw grain, and adopted the specific gravity screening process to remove the unsaturated grains of quinoa and improve the product quality.

3. The application of the quinoa peeling machine and quinoa polishing machine designed and developed by us in the quinoa processing technology can not only improve the yield of the finished product and improve the quality of the finished product, but also make the surface of the processed quinoa clean. to reduce the loss of quinoa original flavor.

4. Combined with corn, millet, rice and other processing technologies, we have adopted efficient dust removal and automatic control systems to accurately control the quality and make the processing workshop clean and tidy. 

Peeling and soap removing effect: 

Black quinoa seeds and After removing saponin

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