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5T/Hour Coffee Beans Cleaning Project ቡና ማጽጃ/መልቀሚያ ማሽኖች

5T/Hour Coffee Beans Cleaning Project ቡና ማጽጃ/መልቀሚያ ማሽኖች

To reduce loss during production, maintenance and labour cost,

5T/Hour Coffee Beans Cleaning Project (ቡና ማጽጃ/መልቀሚያ ማሽኖች ) Installed in Ethiopia:

Win Tone Machinery offers customized designed 8 T/Hour Coffee Beans Cleaning Plant for the high productivity requests in various grain processing. On-site installation and frontline training sessions are available. Our engineering team has a lot of experience and Win Tone Machinery seed processing lines are now performing on almost the whole world.

Win Tone Machinery has designed and exported lots of coffee beans cleaning lines and other pulses cleaning lines or machines for clients from Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, South America, Southeast Asia,etc. 

The Grain & Bean Cleaning Plant normal includes:
1. Pre-cleaner for quickly removing large impurity
2. Seed Cleaner for removing small impurity, large impurity, light impurity and dust.
3. Destoner for removing stones which in similar size with your grain or bean
4. Gravity separator for removing bad, broken and half seeds.
5. In bean cleaning plant, normal need Bean polishing machine for make the bean shine lead to increase the sell price in the market.
6. Finally quantitative packing via Bagging scale system.

Working Flow: 

Cleaning— Dehulling -- Polishing – Grading -- Gravity Separating -- Color Sorting -- Automatic Bagging

ማጽዳት/መልቀም→ ቆዳውንና ገለባውን መለየትመቦረሽ/ማለስለስበመጠን መከፋፈልበክብደት መለየትበቀለም መለየት→ራሱ በራሱ  በከረጢት መመዘንና ማሸግ/መስፋት 

Main Equipments:

Detailed Installation Site:


Why Choose Us: 

1.Our design can help the customers to get more good quality products.
2.To reduce loss during production.
3.To reduce maintenance cost.
4.To reduce labour cost.
5.To extend the service life of the whole production line.
6.To bring more benefits to the project owner.

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