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Beans Cleaning Line Pulses Cleaning Plant

Beans Cleaning Line Pulses Cleaning Plant


Beans Cleaning Line Introduction:

All of our cleaners are precision ones with good sealing property and reliable performance! 

More and more beans growers are choosing our bean cleaning machinery for its practical function, low investment and the considerable economic gains! 

Based on years of market survey and experience promotion, Win Tone Machinery can offer bean fine cleaning machinery to maximize performance and flexibility to suit your bean cleaning needs. 

Working Principle of Beans Cleaning Line:

For washed  beans, no need in dehulling and polishing. If the capacity is large, like 10 tons per hour or even more, we recommend buyers to set up a suitable silo. 

1. The first step is raw cleaning, which usually adopts two machines: vibration separator and destoner. 

Big and small size impurity will be sorted out from the vibration separator. The stones will be sorted out 

through the destoner. The working principle is utilizing the gravity difference of the material.To reach export  standard, we need grading (with sieves inside) according to the beans’ size. 

Usually we classify them into 4 grades. The best beans will come from the middle 2 layers, then will be

processed in the gravity separator. This high quality machine will sort out the shriveled or insect bitten kernels. 

2. Then, different color beans will be rejected in this color sorter machine. Next, some buyers add the manual checking belt. 

3. The last step is weighing and packing. For drying coffee beans, besides of what listed above, we add dehuller and polishing machine, which will formanother complete processing plant. 

Cleaning Process and Main Equipments: 

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