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2TPH Sorghum Processing Project in Botswana

2TPH Sorghum Processing Project in Botswana


2TPH Sorghum Processing Project in Botswana

Equipment introduction: Sorghum processing poject is used for cleaning, hulling, milling (peeling and polishing), grading, color sorting, packaging sorghum. Sorghum processing equipment usually refers to the processing line. It can meet the market’s need, and create more economic profits for clients.

Main Equipment: Bucket levator,Vibrating screen, Destoner, Hulling machine, Polishing machine,Suction separator, Color sorter, Packing scale.

Project working principle:

1.Bucket Elevator is mainly used to transport sorghum in complete processing line.

2.Vibrating screen is specially used for separating the impurities from sorghum.

3.After cleaning, sorghum will be transported into destoner machine to separate the stone from the sorghum.

4.Next, the sorghum into the Hulling Machine to remove the shell.It can separate the shell from the paddy husk mixture through the suction effect.

5. The sorghum that has removed the shell will be into the MTPS Iron Roll Polishing Machine.The machine is mainly used for polishing the sorghum to make them look brightly. It is one of the key processing sorghum.

6.Then, the Suction Separator will separate the low gravity impurities(such as hull, dust etc.) from the sorghum.

7.Out from the suction separator ,the sorghum into the Color Sorter to get more high quality sorghum, white sorghum and break sorghum will be passed.

8. Last, high quality sorghum we need will be packed through the Automatic Packaging Scales. 

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