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20Ton Wheat Flour Milling Line

20Ton Wheat Flour Milling Line


wheat flour mill plant/wheat flour milling machine:

Brief Introduction:

20-30ton wheat flour milling machine is a basic design. It is efficient, capable of a large output, and are reliable. The finished product is at a low temperature. The wheat flour is sieved with a round nylon screen, making it easy to exchange parts. Wheat flour milling machine equipped with special components to adjust both the milling process and the space between rollers for optimal usage of the machine.


Three Basic Processes of wheat flour milling machine:

1.Grinding: fragmenting the grain or its parts,with some dissociation of anatomical parts of the grain from one another.The succession of grinding is grouped into three systems:Break mill,Scratch mill and reduction mill.Each has a distinct objective.

2.Sieving: classifying mixtures of particles of differing particle size into fractions of narrower particle size range.Names of the particular sieving processes include:

scalping--sieving to separate the break stock from the remainder of a break grind;

dusting,bolting,dressing--sieving flour from the coaster particles;

grading--classifying mixtures of semolina,middles and dunst into fractions of restricted particle size range.

3.Purifying: separating mixtures of bran and endosperm particles,according to their terminal velocity,by means of air currents.

Application: It can be used to mill wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa, other grains, and to grind chemicals of similar consistency. 

Main Equipment of complete processing plant: 

1.The vibrating screen is specially used to shake the impurities in the material.

2.The magnetic separator is to remove iron, iron pin from the material.

3.After cleaning, wheat will be transported into proportion detoner to separate the stone .

4.Next , wheat will be peeled through the wheat peeling machine.

5.Then, the grade wheat sieve can separate the whole wheat, usually wheat, large pieces and small pieces.

6.Embryo elevator mention the embryo .

7.Crushing granulator is used for rushing the wheat.

8.Brushing machine can separate the powered material.

9.Double warehouse screen used for re-screening the different size corn production.

10.Finally, we need packing the kind of wheat production.

Production Capacity: 20-30Ton/day 
Power: 56kw
Weight: 10ton 
Dimension(L*W*H): 15*6*4.5m
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