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MPGT60 Rice Polishing Machine

MPGT60 Rice Polishing Machine


MPGT60 Polishing Machine is mainly used for fine processing of rice. By rice milling processing, the polishing machine can effectively remove the bran powders in the rice, improve the oxidation resistance capacities of rice, make the processed rice clean and fresh and extend the length for preservation, after which the processed rice can be eaten as washed rice.

MPGT series rice polishing machine is used in producing and processing industry to polish high precision of rice for our daily life. The iron roller & wind spray polishing machine is consist of feeding hoop, spraying device, polishing device and machine body, which are able to polish effectively together. Only put the rice into the feeing hooper, then the rice will be sprayed with vaporific water by the spraying device, and then the rice sprayed will be polished and rub between the roller and rice screen in the polishing chamber, and after, the rice bran are expelled out and rice polished are discharged out, the high precision and shine bright rice are formed in the end.


MPGT60 Rice Polishing Machine

MPGT60 Rice Polishing Machine Main Technical Parameters:



 Capacity t/h


 Power (kW)


 Air volume (m3/h)


 Exterior size




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