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CM3500 Single Roll Rice Polisher

CM3500 Single Roll Rice Polisher


Single Roll Rice Polisher CM3500 Introduction: 
Integrated professional technology and actual production practice in domestic rice milling plant, CM3500 Rice polisher is designed and developed to be both economic and making rice become lucent and white. It is not only applied to be single processing machine for rice milling plant, but also used for multistep slight polishing with several machines.


Single Roll Rice Polisher CM3500 Technique Parameter:
Output(t/h): 3.5-4
Power(kW): 45


Single Roll Rice Polisher CM3500

Single Roll Rice Polisher Characteristics:
1.With lengthening polishing cylinder, this increases effective polishing area, thereby enhancing polishing efficiency.
2.With imported automation components, such as flow meter, intelligent amperemeter, temperature controller and etc., this ensures that automatic spraying device works steadily and reliably.
3.Compact construction, small required area, stable mechanical performance.
4.With design for adjustable air in multiple positions, good bran discharging effect.

We supply complete comprehensive solutions for your rice processing needs for the following projects:
1.Rice Cleaning Machine
2.Rice Destoner Machine
3.Paddy Husker Machine
4.Rice Electro-optical Machine
5.Paddy Separator Machine
6.Rice Whitener Machine
7.Rice Polishing Machine
8.Rice Grader Machine
9.Grain Dryer
10.Measure and Packing Machine
11.Rice Milling Detection Machine
12.Lifting Equipment

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