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Complete Sorghum Processing Line

Complete Sorghum Processing Line


Complete Sorghum Processing Line

China Win Tone Machinery has designed automated complete sets of processes and equipment suitable for enterprise processing based on grain characteristics such as millet, waxy millet, finger and kodo millet, yellow millet, white millet, and sorghum. The obtained product with features of high yield, good color, and no impurities.


The scheme mainly includes procedures such as cleaning, removing impurities, removing stones, barley, hulling, separation of grain and rough, sanding rice, polishing, millet grading and other procedures. It has the cadvantages of automatic operation, high rice production rate, no pollution, convenient operation and maintenance.

sorghum milling machine

Innovative engineering for an ancient grain crop.

Rapid population growth in Africa means there is increasing demand for industrially processed sorghum. However, sorghum’s high fat content necessitates a stabilization process in order to extend its shelf life.

This is done either by a hydrothermal treatment of the whole grain, or by grinding off its outer layers.

Features and Advantages:

Win Tone Machinery offers two systems for industrial sorghum processing: Hydrothermal treatment followed by roller-milling, or removal of the outer layers in a vertical whitener followed by hammer-milling. In each case, the process guarantees immaculate hygiene and optimum production and labour costs. 

1. Application: Japonica millet, waxy millet, yellow millet, white millet, green millet, black millet, sorghum and fragrant millet.

2. Product structure: millet, sorghum rice

3. Product yield: millet 60-70% rice bran 30-35% broken rice 2% total yield: 65-72%

4. Wide finished product index

A. Sand content: <0.02%

B. Magnetic metal content: <0.003 / kg

C. Moisture: storage type <16%

D. Appearance and taste: good color, no impurities, pure taste.

Process and Working Principle introduction: 

1. Raw grain cleaning section: Combined cleaning equipment can remove impurities such as stems and leaves, soil blocks, stones, moldy grains, etc., to ensure the purity of processing raw materials.

2. Husking and separating section: The raw materials pass through the Kariya machine and separator to peel off the rough grain of the skin of the material and separate it from the kernel to obtain pure kernel.

3. Polishing and grading section: The pure guren is polished by a polishing machine to remove the impurities of the guren epidermis, increase the gloss of the surface, and further increase the purity of guren.


4. Suction treatment is performed on all cleaning equipment to make the equipment in a negative pressure state to ensure that dust and dirt do not overflow and ensure the sanitation of the workshop.

Technical index:




power (kw)

Power consumption

( ton/KW/hour)


(L*W*H) (M)

10Ton 32 52-54 7×4×4(Linear structure)
20Ton 64 52-54 10×5×5(Linear structure)
30Ton 90 50-52 14×5×5(Linear structure) 10×5×7.5(Steel structure)
50Ton 142 46-48

16×5×5(Linear structure) 10×5×7.5(Steel structure

sorghum milling machine

sorghum milling machine

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