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Maize Mills with Small Size and Multi-functions

Maize Mills with Small Size and Multi-functions


Maize mills with small size and multi-functions include corn peeling, corn polishing, corn grits and flour milling, end products classifying and winnowing processes. Model:YTZSF28-30 

Maize mills working principle:
First, the raw clean corn is processed into corn kernels by peeling, degermination and impurities removing. After smashing and mixture grading, the maize mills can produce three end products: medium grits, small grits and corn flour. Inside of the machine has highly efficient air draft chamber for collecting the corn bran from peeling process and further cleaning micro powder and micro impurities in the corn grits.

Maize mills functions:
Dry peeling technology, no need of water;
High yield and working efficiency;
Low energy consumption, wide usage;
Efficient winnowing and dust removal fan can remove and collect corn bran and the impurities and dust from grits processing, and then eliminate and collect corn brans and impurities by cyclone. 
The discharging port of the peeling chamber can accurately control corn staying time in the peeling chamber by pressure valve. Ensure the effective friction with alloy roller so as to realize better peeling effect. 
Assembled with peeling and grits and flour milling functions, the machine unit adopts 11KW motor as the power equipment to reduce input cost. It can be applied in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling, kernel and flour making.

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