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Sugar Alcohols Processing Technology

Sugar Alcohols Processing Technology

Features: 1.Customerization 2.Reasonable deisgn and layout 3.Low investment

Our sugar alcohols equipment technology including: injection grade pharmaceutical crystallization mannitol production technology, food grade (American FCCⅣ quality standards) crystallization of xylitol production technology, food-grade crystalline maltitol production technology, etc. Crystallization malt sugar alcohol (para gold sugar alcohol) production technology with the related customer signed confidentiality agreement, so we are sorry not to be able to transfer.

1.To manufacture maltitol, it is needed to prepare super high maltose syrup as raw material. The starch preparation ultra-high malt syrup and milk made other starch sugar has many unique. The super high maltose saccharification liquid goes through treatment of vacuum-type drum filter, decoloration, IX exchange and vacuum condensation to get the raw material needed for maltitol, super high malt syrup.

2.The hydrogenated liquid mainly contains maltitol, sorbitol, maltotriitol, maltotetraitol and residual reducing saccharide.

3.Decolorizing, filtering,

4.Ion Exchange:The decolorized hydrogenated liquid goes through positive and negative ion exchange resin to remove inorganic impurities including the residual nickel alloy catalyst.

5.Vacuum evaporation The multifunctional vacuum plate type evaporator removes part of the moisture in the liquid, the concentration increases from 48% to 75%.

6.Cooling Crystallization:

The concentrated liquid goes into horizontal crystallizer. The decreasing temperature makes solubility of the maltitol decreases so that the insoluble part is separated out.

7.Centrifugal separation

8. Dissolution: The maltitol in the basket of the centrifugal machine cannot reach purity requirement. It needs to be extracted and then dissolved to be further purified.

9.Second vacuum evaporation crystallization:

The dissolved maltitol goes into the vacuum evaporation crystallizer where water continuously evaporates so that the maltitol separates out.

10.Centrifugal separation:

11.Drying: High purity maltitol in the basket of centrifugal machine is as pure as 99.5%, but it still contains some moisture, which needs to be dried.

12.Packaging: The dried maltitol is precisely weighed and then sealed in the special bag, waiting to be sold after quality inspection.

xylosicalcohol plate-frame pressure filtration

maltitol chromatographic separation

xylosicalcohol plate-frame pressure filtration

Xylitol centrifugal separation

vacuum vertical evaporation crystallizer

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