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Drag Chain Extractor

Drag Chain Extractor

Features:1.Good permeability 2.Low residual oil rate

Drag chain extractor is used for extracting oil of a variety of oilseeds, structure characteristic is to separate the superstratum and substratum of ring structure merged into a unified box-type structure, permeability is good, the residual oil rate can reach 0.6-0.8%. 

Technical parameter:

Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Main application Mark
YXJ100 80~120 2.2 Use for extracting oil of various of oilseeds 


Especially suitable for oilseeds with high oilcontent, powder degree , residual oil are guaranteed
YXJ150 140~160 2.2
YXJ200 180~220 3
YXJ300 280~320 4
YXJ400 380~420 5.5
YXJ500 480~520 7.5
YXJ1000 1000 11


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