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Share Incentive Conference for Zhengzhou Branch of Win Tone Group Was Held Successfully

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  Share Incentive Conference for Zhengzhou Branch of Win Tone Group was held successfully on January 8th, 2018.



  Seven staff from Zhengzhou Branch were awarded as the first batch of share incentive objects for the year 2018, who could participate in some shares of performance bonus of the branch company for this year.



  Share based incentive for employees is a valuable tool to incentivize employees to think more about the business objectives of the company. By participating in a company's share incentive, an employee is able to share in the future success of the company. Research has shown that a satisfied and incentivized workforce is more productive than an unsatisfied or non-incentivized workforce.



  Share incentive is also an extremely effective tool for staff retention within a company. Increasing employee retention in this way results in less expenditure for the company on overheads such as recruitment and the training of new recruits.



  After a period of study, Win Tone Group decided to carry out the share incentive policy in Zhengzhou Branch first, which means the group has taken a solid step in scientific management mechanism!



  Undoubtedly, the share incentive objects have deadlines. The company will re-consider and discuss about the new objects according to everyone's task performance in the new year. This can highly arouse the work enthusiasm of the whole company!

  Let us make concerted efforts together and devote ourselves to our work in the sense of ownership. Let the company become more powerful because of us and let us become more proud of the company!


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