Our Culture

Enterprise Development Orientation
Innovation of Corn and Grain Equipment Core Technology
Improvement of Food and Biological Engineering Solutions

Core Value
Firmness, Earnestness, Innovation

Enterprise Vision
Realizing Technology Leading in the Industry
Realizing Professional Development of the Staff
Realizing Profits Winning for Customers
Realizing Human Health Care

Enterprise Spirit
Pioneering, Cooperating

Social Responsibility
Giving back to Society Sincerely
Reaching Achievement by Dedication

Operation Idea 
Innovation, Standarization

Management Idea
Mechanism Improvement, Scientific Decision, Efficient Execution

Innovation Idea
Innovation Is the Spirit of Progress.
Sticking to Old Ways Is the Root of Falling Behind.

Talents Idea
Equality of Opportunity, Suitable Job for One’s Ability

Enterprise Service Idea
To Be Thankful, To Be Considerate